“World Investor Week November 23-29, 2020 being celebrated under the aegis of IOSCO and SEBI.” “विश्व निवेशक सप्ताह (23-29 नवम्बर, 2020) - आयस्को तथा सेबी की छत्रछाया में मनाया जा रहा है” | Attention Investors : "Prevent Unauthorised transactions in your account --> Update your mobile numbers/email IDs with your stock brokers. Receive information of your transactions directly from Exchange on your mobile/email at the end of the day .......... Issued in the interest of investors" Also "Please provide your email id and mobile number or declaration for Non-availability for continuous trading. Kindly refer the NSE circular number NSE/INSP/32471 dated 31/05/2016."
Full service Brokerage House.SSL is one stop shop for all financial products. Come and Join us in this expansion process by partnering with one of the best brokerage house in the Country
Our approach towards our Business Partner is that of them being an extension of our Brand and an extension of our family. All that we seek from our Business Partners is unrelenting passion for Growth. The hunger for scaling up. The core spirit of Entrepreneurship. Every other business enabler like Solid Brand, Solid Research, Solid Products, Solid Technology, and Solid Support is provided by us to help you grow

Product Offering:-

  • Equity Segment: BSE/NSE
  • Depository Services: CDSL/NSDL(Stockholding)
  • Derivatives NSE F&O
  • Currency Derivative
  • Commodity Derivative
  • Mutual Fund

Got questions? We have the answers

1) Do you provide a trading terminal?
Just save time and use the SSL trading Software to execute trades for your clients. Additionally we also provide mobile & web applications through which the client can trade from anywhere.
2) What is your brokerage sharing model?
Income per trade is the simple model. Depending on the level of brokerage your clients’ generate, you’ll earn a % as a profit. The more your Customer trade the more you earn.
3) Do you provide any marketing material?
Our team has got you covered! We’ll send you all the brochures, flyers and company information you need to attract your network of traders and investors.

Interested in become Authorised Person
Use our easy-to-undersatnd Trading Software & earn profits while you help others trade in the stock markets.

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